Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone for 2019 – Cadillac Life

Widen your imaginations for the form and design of gadgets in 2019. Obvious to the hilt, the gadgets would be technical wizards and also boar high on glamour quotient. John Borrmann has brought forth one such concept phone christened Cadillac Life.

cadillac life concept phone

Cadillac Life Phone adopts fluid technology for display screen guarded by a silicone coating. Touch screen display aids in accessing all functionalities. The liquid solidifies on passage of electric current through it which is done whenever the phone needs to be opened.

cadillac life concept phone

Accommodating a couple of projectors, which aid in transmuting this phone into a Laptop. The Keyboard and screen of the Laptop gets projected on the screen and can be accessed from there. The OS is a special Cadillac OS and incorporates running many other applications similar to iPhone.

cadillac life concept phone

This phone also serves as a digital key to everything from home gadgets to other necessities. On board are solar panels for charging along with the battery. When actualized this concept phone would be accompanied by a mobile headset and USB 5.0 for breathing life into the cell beyond the solar energy. Promising to be as sharp as tack, it would boar 80 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM and would be adaptable to various video configurations. The videos would be displayed through holographic projectors.

Amazing, incredulous, and a mind blowing concept, whenever materializes (may be 2019) would be revolutionary. Let’s look forward to this awesome gizmo!! 

Latest Unbelievable Wrist watch To be Released

Miraculous designs; incredible concepts that are absolutely pleasing to the eyes are making their way quite consistently these days! Exceptionally constructed timepieces too are catching the rage like anything.

The unstoppable spree of gadgets continues…

Tao Ma Vain Watch

Tao Ma continues to impress everyone with its excellent designs as it has now come up with an absolutely brilliant watch concept – the Vain watch. In fact, Vain watch is a perfect blend of aesthetic designing with advanced technology brilliance!

The most terrific aspect of Vain Wrist Watch is that it shows time right on your skin as also it reflects time with changing colors in different levels of brightness.

Tao Ma Vain Watch

Wait a minute; for those Chinese speaking lads; it does come with an option to show time in the native language as well!
Hats off to Tao Ma for such a wonderful watch design and concept! Truly unbelievable…

Solar Robot Kit can be Transformed into Six Different Ways

As you have seen in our previous posts about the Transformers USB flash drive which converts into a cat, now bringing a Solar Robot Kit that is easy to transform and eco friendly. This robot kit can be converted into six different robots. So have fun with all the six avatars from a single product. Solar Robot Kit is one of the greatest gadgets which make use of solar energy that powers this robot to move on.

6in1 solar robot

It can be transformed into a boat, a windmill, a robot dog, moving plane, desktop plane and a car. The most incredible feature of this kit is that if there is no sunlight then you can even charge this robot kit with a bulb with a minimum power of 50 watt, it will be charged by the brightness of the bulb.

6in1 solar robot

The most amazing factor of this kit is that it is connected directly without making use of any screws or bolts, even a kid can fix it. This gizmo is a completely “Do it yourself” kit. There is a predesigned manual that comes included with this product which gives all the graphical information for joining the different parts into six different robots.

This great Solar Robot Kit can be part of your life for just £13.00 i.e. around $21.

Eminent Steadicam for iPhone Video Recording

We often record videos and like to store our memorable events with us. But sometimes we need to record videos in daily. So technology has enhanced by presenting many popular digital video recorders with diverse functions. In addition to the existing series one more innovative device Steadicam which allows you to catch the videos with supreme accuracy. This photographic equipment attaches with your iPhone and offers high resolution videos. You will like to add this exciting gadget in your iPhone accessories.
Eminent Steadicam iPhone accessories

Eminent Steadicam possess several other features providing an unmatched photography experience and enables you to get stable movie shot as well. Its remarkable and portable shape will surprised you by executing your videos for a longer period anywhere and at anytime. As you have the privileged to catch amazing videos on iPhone effortlessly. Lightweight body much focused on bringing more innovative technologies in recording videos with much ease.

World's Thinnest Laptop - MacBook

The new MacBook Air was announced by Steve Jobs of Apple at MacWorld. The MacBook Air is now the world’s thinnest notebook, and sure the be the hottest laptop of 2008.
The laptop features a very smooth design, hidden ports, backlit keyboard (sexy but useless) and it’s small and light weighing in at 3 pounds. In fact, the MacBook air is .16 to .76 inches thin, making the profile a wedge shape. The size is bout 13 inches wide by 9 inched deep.
Eco lovers will be happy that the MacBook Air uses mercury and arsenic-free glass and less packaging.
Technical specs
• .16 to .75-inch thickness on top
• 12.8 x 8.94 inches
• 3 pounds
• 5 hours of battery life with everything running
• Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 1.6 or 1.8GHz, motherboard the length of a pencil.
• 800MHz frontside bus.
• 2GB RAM 667MHz DDR2 standard.
• 13.3-inch screen, LED backlit.
• 1,280 x 800 pixels
• Micro-DVI adapter (for DVI, VGA, composite and S-Video output)
• Intel GMA X3100 Graphics processor with 144MB RAM shared
• 1.8-inch 80GB HD or 64GB Solid State Drive (no moving pieces, but for a stunning $1,300 price increase!)
• Multitouch trackpad with gestures. Pans, zooms, rotates, etc.
• 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1.
• Optional external HD for $99, USB-bus powered.
• Full backlit keyboard.
• One USB 2.0, one audio port, one Micro-DVI

MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don’t lose inches and pounds overnight. It’s the result of rethinking conventions. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design. With MacBook Air, mobile computing suddenly has a new standard. (apple) .. (source)