Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Solar Robot Kit can be Transformed into Six Different Ways

As you have seen in our previous posts about the Transformers USB flash drive which converts into a cat, now bringing a Solar Robot Kit that is easy to transform and eco friendly. This robot kit can be converted into six different robots. So have fun with all the six avatars from a single product. Solar Robot Kit is one of the greatest gadgets which make use of solar energy that powers this robot to move on.

6in1 solar robot

It can be transformed into a boat, a windmill, a robot dog, moving plane, desktop plane and a car. The most incredible feature of this kit is that if there is no sunlight then you can even charge this robot kit with a bulb with a minimum power of 50 watt, it will be charged by the brightness of the bulb.

6in1 solar robot

The most amazing factor of this kit is that it is connected directly without making use of any screws or bolts, even a kid can fix it. This gizmo is a completely “Do it yourself” kit. There is a predesigned manual that comes included with this product which gives all the graphical information for joining the different parts into six different robots.

This great Solar Robot Kit can be part of your life for just £13.00 i.e. around $21.

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