Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Latest Unbelievable Wrist watch To be Released

Miraculous designs; incredible concepts that are absolutely pleasing to the eyes are making their way quite consistently these days! Exceptionally constructed timepieces too are catching the rage like anything.

The unstoppable spree of gadgets continues…

Tao Ma Vain Watch

Tao Ma continues to impress everyone with its excellent designs as it has now come up with an absolutely brilliant watch concept – the Vain watch. In fact, Vain watch is a perfect blend of aesthetic designing with advanced technology brilliance!

The most terrific aspect of Vain Wrist Watch is that it shows time right on your skin as also it reflects time with changing colors in different levels of brightness.

Tao Ma Vain Watch

Wait a minute; for those Chinese speaking lads; it does come with an option to show time in the native language as well!
Hats off to Tao Ma for such a wonderful watch design and concept! Truly unbelievable…

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