Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone for 2019 – Cadillac Life

Widen your imaginations for the form and design of gadgets in 2019. Obvious to the hilt, the gadgets would be technical wizards and also boar high on glamour quotient. John Borrmann has brought forth one such concept phone christened Cadillac Life.

cadillac life concept phone

Cadillac Life Phone adopts fluid technology for display screen guarded by a silicone coating. Touch screen display aids in accessing all functionalities. The liquid solidifies on passage of electric current through it which is done whenever the phone needs to be opened.

cadillac life concept phone

Accommodating a couple of projectors, which aid in transmuting this phone into a Laptop. The Keyboard and screen of the Laptop gets projected on the screen and can be accessed from there. The OS is a special Cadillac OS and incorporates running many other applications similar to iPhone.

cadillac life concept phone

This phone also serves as a digital key to everything from home gadgets to other necessities. On board are solar panels for charging along with the battery. When actualized this concept phone would be accompanied by a mobile headset and USB 5.0 for breathing life into the cell beyond the solar energy. Promising to be as sharp as tack, it would boar 80 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM and would be adaptable to various video configurations. The videos would be displayed through holographic projectors.

Amazing, incredulous, and a mind blowing concept, whenever materializes (may be 2019) would be revolutionary. Let’s look forward to this awesome gizmo!! 

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