Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Jabra Bluetooth BT4010 headset with LCD screen

It is hard to surprise experienced user with something new about popular gadgets. GN company is famous for quality and performance, but also for innovations and for constant improvement made on its already perfect gadgets.

New announced GN gadget is one more Jabra family device – Jabra BT 4010 Bluetooth headset. This new gadget is really a professional tool from all points of view. One more prove that small gadget can be provided with a lot of useful features and to deliver announced high quality.

With new miniature Jabra user has a lot of advantages. Fantastic thing that it has built-in e-SCO technology for crystal sound of transferred sound from headset to phone. Auto paring and easy and fast connectivity allows user to be always in contact and to chat anytime.
New Jabra BT4010 comes with high resolution LCD screen, which is located in the center of device. This screen allows user at once to understand if soon he will have to charge battery or to know call and connection status. Time to guess passed, now with new BT4010 everything is clear and visible.

Only digital technology and special features is far not enough to won the market, users comfort is also very important factor. You can wear your new Jabra gadget with ear hook and without it. It is really user friendly gadget, which provide perfect quality hands-free communication. Ideal for people who is permanently on go, easily and fast, without menu scrolling they can use it effectively in any place.

Key features of the Jabra BT4010
• innovative LCD display
• applied e-SCO technology for best voice transfer
• Auto – pairing
• 6 hours talk time and 150 hours in standby status
• Comes with 2 earhook sizes for best comfort
• Small size (49x17x28 mm LWD) and light weight (only 10 grams)
• Micro USB Charger connectivity
• Bluetooth Specification version 2.0 and EDR

Comfortable, smart, allows to be always connected and never to loose a single call.

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